Joe’s Bio

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, and I’ve lived in the City my entire life.  I attended St Francis Cathedral School and graduated from Santa Fe High in 1984.   But I’m not just a small-town guy – I’ve traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands.

I’ve also worked since I was 9 years old – my first job was delivering the Santa Fe Reporter!  After my graduation, I became the General Manager of the Hilton of Santa Fe’s fine dining restaurant and food services.  I have been in management ever since, including 16 years as Property Manager at the Church of the Holy Faith on Palace Avenue.

Fast-forward to 2017, and I’ve now owned JNS Services for 30 years – we started in grounds maintenance in 1990, and moved on to construction trades as we grew.  Now as a general contractor JNS specializes in high-grade silicone roofing systems and stucco, and the occasional remodel.

I’m also the proud owner of Longevity! Strength Training & Fitness since 2016, formerly Carl & Sandra’s.  I am a personal trainer and Olympic-style weightlifting coach, and proud owner of many weightlifting records and medals.  My wife Eilani and I met at Carl & Sandra’s 9 years ago, and we now have four children.

The same work ethic that has shaped my career will also define my career at City Hall. 

I care deeply about this city in which I was raised and in which I am raising my family, and I care that our city is operated in a sustainable way – not just “green”, but also conserving our “green” (money) and spending it wisely.

Joe and his wife Eilani. They have four children, Emma, Joe, Liam and one more arriving in April!